Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer: It Got Away From Me, Yeah... Part 2: The Gents of Doctor Who

I think the thing I love most about this collection is actually the title. First of all because it is a quote from Blink - probably the best episode of Doctor Who. But also because I love that this collection really did away from Julie from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers - SO many Doctor Who polishes makes for a very happy Nailant!

I wanted so much to photograph these in bright daylight, but this last week autumn has hit us hard, and daylight just hasn't happened even in the slightest. Grey, dark, rainy and windy - I miss summer! So these are all taken in overcast weather, and they are still beautiful - just imagine what a bit of sunlight could do to them!

I made my little bandit look after them:

The Gents of Doctor Who
From left to right: The Innuendo Squad, Mickey Smith.Defending the Earth., Noticing Face, 2000 Years and Oy, Stupid Face. 

The Innuendo Squad
 The Innuendo Squad is a beautiful slate blue linear holo with silver shimmer. It's perfectly soft and gorgeous, much like it's inspiration - the great, immortal and ever so pretty Jack Harkness. He is briefly a companion, and moves on to the Torchwood spin-off. I love his never failing confidence, but he lacks the understated elegance of this very pretty holo. Just don't tell him that ;) 

2000 Years
2000 Years is a glue glitter, with blue, silver, purple and aqua microglitter in a clear base. It can be used over another polish, but will also build to opacity. Here it is 2 coats over The Innuendo Squad. It is inspired by Rory Williams, the ever-suffering husband of Amy Pond who spent 2000 years guarding Amy in the Pandorica to save her life. To be fair, he WAS the one that shot her so I guess he owed her one.

The Innuendo Squad with one coat of 2000 years as accent nails.

Oy, Stupid Face!
Oy, Stupid Face! is a hot pink with both blue/purple and blue/green flakies. I got this polish as a birthday present last year from Julie, and I love it! The larger flakies need a generous helping of topcoat, but is very pretty. I think the final version of this is slightly different, and has a bit less of the larger flakies. This is inspired by The Ponds, also known as Amy and Rory, the most perfectly imperfect couple in the Who-niverse. They are forever fighting but always full of love. Their last episode is one of the best, worst, greatest and saddest episodes in the new series.

Noticing Face
Noticing Face is a dark purple jelly with blue, gold and purple holo microglitters. It's a prefect autumn polish, dark and vampy and still with that extra sparkle.  This is two coats. This is inspired by Craig Owens, who is a sort of guest-companion in two episodes with the doctor - and has nightmares about the eleventh doctor's 'noticing face' - when the doctor notices something, you just know there will be trouble and adventure ahead. 

Mickey Smith. Defending the Earth.
Mickey Smith. Defending the Earth. is a deep green linear holo with gunmetal flakies, and probably my favourite of this lot. It has perfect application and coverage, and the colour is so deep and saturated, dark and vampy, yet bright and colourful. It's inspired by Mickey, Rose's boyfriend who is a bit of a plonker to be honest. He does get his act together a bit later on, but I still have no idea how he gets lucky enough to pull Doctor Martha Jones (who also started out as a bit of a plonker as it happens, so maybe they ARE a great match!)

Mickey Smith. Defending the Earth. 
For Saturday night's new episode of Doctor Who, I wore this stamped with the Doctor Who plate from Vivid Lacquer - my friend said it looks like a Breaking Bad mani, and now I can't un-see it! 

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer: It Got Away From Me, Yeah... Part 2: The Gents of Doctor Who will be released on October 26th at 3:30 pm EDT / 9:30pm CET at Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers

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Some of the polishes used in this post was supplied for my honest review