Sunday, 24 November 2013

Girly Bits: D!ck in a Box and What the Deuce?

Back in September, Girly Bits released their gorgeous fall collection. I really wanted them all, but in the end I settled on the three I wanted most - though I may just have to get a few more at some point. The three i picked were these:

Dancing Phalanges, D!ck in a Box, What the Deuce!

D!ck in a Box and What the Deuce are both holos, and they go so well together, that I decided to pair them up for this mani:

This is in artificial light, but the holographic effect is still quite visible.

I just love the play of colour in the holo in D!ck in a Box!

Close up - full of awesome! Now, if only these babies could get a bit of sun to play with *glares at winter*

I got my Girly Bits from Foxy Fingertips here in Europe, but they are also available from Girly Bits' own site.

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