Thursday, 28 November 2013

November What's In-die Box?

I have been getting the Australian monthly box of surprise indies for a few months now (see the post about the september box here) and I am continuously impressed by the standard of these polishes. They manage to make a good, creative mix while still including colours that appeals to a lot of people.

The November theme is Rock n Roll, and has polishes from Gloss n Sparkle, Bella Belle, Lilypad Lacquers, Peita's Polish and Toya-Jade. For me, it is the first time I try both Bella Belle and Toya-Jade.

First up is Riders on the Storm from Gloss n Sparkle:

A gorgeous grey with glitters in grey and turquoise. It is slightly purple-leaning, but nowhere near as purple as it looks in these pictures. Cheers for that, camera!

This is opaque in 2 coats, and still jelly enough to let the glitters peek through. I love the simple colour mix in this, and it is a lovely neutral-ish polish.

 The bottle shot is much more colour accurate:

Next up is My Blue Suede Shoes by Bella Belle:

A gorgeous blue glitter with so much sparkle, i can't stop staring! Anyone who knows just a little bit about my taste will alread have guessed that this is an instant favourite of mine. Simple, shiny and blue - you just can't go wrong with that! It also comes with a lovely nail polish ring.

Then we have the Lilypad - the brand that has quickly become known for it's gorgeous holographic colours. This is Nothing Else Matters:

 As far as gorgeous holos goes, this one really does not disappoint. It is stunning!

 Next up is Purple Haze by Peita's Polish:

This is a lovely purple glitter topper, and I layered it over Elevation Polish Musala.

It demanded a little bit of dabbing, but wasn't too difficult to get even.

 Last up is Bed of Roses by Toya Jade:

This is a orange-leaning red jelly with various small glitters. I used 3 coats to get it opaque.

What do you think of this months selection of polishes?

You can order What's In-die Box every month from Peita's Polish

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Girly Bits: D!ck in a Box and What the Deuce?

Back in September, Girly Bits released their gorgeous fall collection. I really wanted them all, but in the end I settled on the three I wanted most - though I may just have to get a few more at some point. The three i picked were these:

Dancing Phalanges, D!ck in a Box, What the Deuce!

D!ck in a Box and What the Deuce are both holos, and they go so well together, that I decided to pair them up for this mani:

This is in artificial light, but the holographic effect is still quite visible.

I just love the play of colour in the holo in D!ck in a Box!

Close up - full of awesome! Now, if only these babies could get a bit of sun to play with *glares at winter*

I got my Girly Bits from Foxy Fingertips here in Europe, but they are also available from Girly Bits' own site.