Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Foxy Paws Invisible Light

It is no secret that I have a soft spot for holographic nail polish, and I am currently in a state of debilitating depression over the fact that winter is coming and my holos will be shining only by the help of unnatural light sources. But still... HOLO ALL THE THINGS!

So when I received Invisible Light, the new Holographic top oat from Foxy paws, I obviously went right ahead and HOLO'ED ALL THE THINGS!

On my right hand I holo'ed Lime Crime Once in a Blue Mousse:

Unfortunately the weather changed just as I was done holoing, and the sun didn't come out again till I'd taken this mani off, so these are in artificial light which just does not show off all the holo goodness. What the hell sun? Play nice!

On my other hand, I holo'ed Elevation Polish Uluru:

My favourite holo top coat is definitely Enchanted Polish Djinn In a Bottle. I find it gives a good holographic effect without greying out the base colour. I have also been looking for an alternative, as I know I'll have to fight of 45.000 other EP-fans if I ever want to get a replacement bottle. So I get a little bit stingy with my Djinn, cause I'd hate to run out. So when the sweet people over at Foxy Paws sent me their new holo top coat for review, I had to compare it to Djinn right away!

First I tried it over Elevation Polish Freeway Park, with FP Invisible Light on my middle finger and EP Djinn on my ring finger in natural sunlight:

Benny the rhinocerus also wanted to say hi! And the nails out of focus, to better see the holo effect.

Then I tried it over Elevation Polish Pic de Sotllo - the most amazingly bright blue I have. Again, FP Invisible Light is on my middle finger and EP Djinn on my ring finger, shown in natural sunlight:

I found it very difficult to tell the two holo top coats apart, they both add a lovely holo effect without dulling the bright colours too much. It worked great over both the light blue pastel and all the bright colours I tried it on - I have definitely found a great match for my hard-to-replace bottle of Djinn.

Foxy Paws Invisible Light is a part of the new Filthy/Gorgeous collection and will be available to purchase from October 1st on Foxy Fingertips

This product was sent to me for my honest review

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  1. just loooove Uluru - with or without holo top coat :) but looks like I have to buy the holo top coat from Foxy Fingertips :*