Monday, 1 July 2013

Dance Legend Saint-Tropez

Dance Legend Saint-Tropez is a brightly coloured textured polish, from their Sahara Crystal collection. Dance Legend is a great Russian brand, that has only in recent months started shipping outside Russia.

This picture is the most colour accurate of the ones I have taken, it captures both colour and brightness well.

I love the brightness of this green, it somehow manages to be both pastel and neon, and it works well in brightening up the currently rather bad summer weather here.

It was a bit thick to apply, but it dried fast and covered in two coats. I wore it with my bright green skull scarf and a homemade ring. I do like bright colours a lot! And yes, this supposed summer weather is so cold I have to wear a scarf!

Later, I stamped on top with my Apipila Mix plate. And then I went and ordered some more Dance Legend Sahara Crystal polishes...

Dance Legend is available from:

Dance Legend in Russia (takes a LONG time though)

Ninja Polish


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  1. Woah, that stamping design looks spaced out!!! :) I have 3 sahara crystal polishes, and I like them very much, but now I've reached a level where I'm happy with what I have and don't want anymore :)