Monday, 17 June 2013

Doctor FrankenAnt in action!

I got in a polish making mood this weekend just gone, and here are some of the polishes that came out of it:

I got labels too, I really like the simple look they give.

I played with pigments, shimmer, holo and not a lot of glitter this time, and I really like the results.

A few of the blue toned polishes, which were most of them  - I do love my blues!

I am liking pink and red more and more these days, and I LOVE the pink on my ring finger!

Do you like any of my newly created nailants?


  1. All of your frankens are really beautiful and look so pretty and well coordinated together, I think you did a great job :) That blue holo steals my heart <3

  2. They are all absolutely amazing!! You rock :-)