Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Enchanted Polish Awesomeness and I'm Kind of a Big Deal (with a Foxy accent)

My current addiction are the beautiful polishes from Enchanted. They are all wonderful colours with great application, and the fact that most are holographic only adds to their beauty! 

I wore the purple Enchanted Awesomeness coupled with the lighter and pinker I'm Kind of a Big Deal. I think they look great together, I just wish I'd had some sun to help show off the lovely holo in these.

When my latest Foxy Paws haul arrived today, I just had to add an accent of She's Got the Look. I'm not usually a fan of odd shapes in polish, but I do love the brightness and simplicity of this, as it is not overly cluttered with different shapes of glitter but just has the bright stars and small glitters in a shimmery base.

Find Enchanted Polish here, and keep up with restocks and other stockists on their Facebook page

Buy Foxy Paws here or here and follow updates on their Facebook page

Monday, 17 June 2013

Doctor FrankenAnt in action!

I got in a polish making mood this weekend just gone, and here are some of the polishes that came out of it:

I got labels too, I really like the simple look they give.

I played with pigments, shimmer, holo and not a lot of glitter this time, and I really like the results.

A few of the blue toned polishes, which were most of them  - I do love my blues!

I am liking pink and red more and more these days, and I LOVE the pink on my ring finger!

Do you like any of my newly created nailants?