Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Enchanted Disco Barbie and Model City I Lilac What You Did There

When i was 12 years old I went through my 'pink period'. For a year of my life everything had to be pink - clothes, furniture, posters in my room - anything my pre-teen self had the option of choosing a colour for would be pink. After that, I was pretty much pinked out. I started listening to Beatles and Nirvana. I was buying my clothes in second hand stores and I wore men's ties wrapped around my head. There really was not much room for pink and it would be many many years before I'd go back to pink.

Now, I've always been a big fan of colour, I love colourful clothes, colourful jewellery and of course colourful nails. Pink has slowly been sneaking it's way back into my life. But now it is finally time to come out of the pink closet - and here is the polish that really made me want to say:

I love pink and I am proud of it!

Enough words - just take a good look at Enchanted Polish Disco Barbie!

So pretty and pink and holo!

I paired it with Model City I Lilac What You Did There, such a lovely soft lilac holo pastel shade.
Disco Barbie was given to me in a swap from a lovely swedish lady who is now taking good care of some Nerds of mine!

Enchanted Polish is available at Enchanted PolishLlaroweHarlow & Co and Mei Mei's Signatures. But be quick when they are restocked! The holos sell out fast.

Model City Polish is available at Model City Polish and at Edgy Polish


  1. Love it on you!! And I am taking VERY good care of your nerds. ^_^ Can´t wait to see what the postman will possibly have for me tomorrow...

  2. Why have I missed this so far?! I love pink and this is pink on steroids!

    1. It really is! I wish I could have gotten a picture in the sun it just explodes in the sun!