Monday, 11 March 2013

Foxy Paws: I'm Blue swatches

Today I have a beautiful blue holographic polish from Danish brand Foxy Paws:

Foxy Paws is a spinoff brand from the Danish WellNails line, and has a musical theme. I'm Blue is from the 90's collection, and I'm sure anyone who knows this song will now have 'la-ba-dee' stuck in their heads for the foreseeable future. Sorry about that!


For those who doesn't know the song, listen at your own risk:

It's a lovely deep royal blue with a scattered holographic effect. It is opaque in two coats, and has a good consistency to work with. The holo effect is beautiful and also noticeable out of the sun. I would love to show you this polish in bright daylight, but the best I could do was slightly dull sunlight(ish).

Now I grew up in a very different 90's from the one the sweet people behind Foxy Paws did. My 90's were filled with lovely grunge and I would probably have named this beautiful polish something like Bullet With Butterfly Wings or Interstate Love Song. But I have to agree that I'm Blue is a perfect name for this polish because it is just that: Blue. A gorgeous lovely deep dark bright royal blue.

It is no secret that I love blue more than any other colour of nail polish. As I am also a huge holo fan, it is no surprise to anyone that I have A LOT of blue holos. Still, I was a little bit surprised at how much of a lot of them I have!

14 different blue holos, and I'm Blue (at the far right) still stands out with it's deep saturated colour as being very different from any of the others. I really have no others in such a rich, bright blue. It has jumped in as what is now probably my favourite blue holo of the bunch!

Just please don't tell the others - I like to pretend I don't have favourites!

Just look at that! An instant must-have for any blue holo lover such as myself.

And as it happens, Foxy Paws is having a giveaway for this very polish right now1 Check it out on their  Facebook page: Foxy Paws

You can buy Foxy Paws from either Foxy Fingertips (Europe) or Foxy Paws (outside Europe)

This polish was sent to me from Foxy Fingertips for my honest review


  1. you sure do have A LOT of blue holos!! not bad! :)
    I'm blue was a horrible song I think, but the polish is wonderful!

    1. There just seems to be a gaping hole where OPI DS Glamour should be! But yes, I'm quite fond of the good ol' blue holo :D

  2. It's a beautiful color - a little more holo - and swoooooonnnnn