Saturday, 16 March 2013

Foxy Paws: Black or White

Today I have another fun polish from The Foxy Paws 90s collection to show, this time it is a black and white glitter, but with a twist. This one changes colour according to temperature!

Here is one coat over OPI Ski Teal We Drop, Essence Upper Green Side, alone and over Nubar Barricade.


As a colour changing polish this is a lot of fun. I like the transparent look as it is most of the time when my hands are nice and warm, just with a slight dusty tinge. But get it in the snow or near a tap, and the fun begins. It was so much fun, I had to make a GIF!

My hands were warm as I was doing this, so it turned back to transparent quite fast, but when I was outside without gloves earlier (brrrrr!) it stayed quite dark.

This polish is named after a Michael Jackson song, and I have to note - once again - that my version of the musical 90s is quite different from the kind people at Foxy Paws. In my version of the 90s this would for sure have been called Black Hole Sun. The 90s were AWESOME!!

Beside the colour changing fun, this is also a very pretty black and white glitter. Black and white glitter has been a classic since Lynnderella connected the dots, and every indie label has since released their version of the theme and the big brands like China Glaze and Lloreal are now also jumping on the bandwagon.

I decided to dig into my Alex to find a couple to compare with, and this is what I found:

Foxy Paws Black or White, Dandy Nails Colorblind2, Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones and Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritzzz!
 All swatched with one coat over Catrice It's All I Can Blue

Foxy Paws and Dollish Polish are probably my favourites, as they have a variation of glitter sizes and no bar glitter. They also spread evenly, where the two others had A LOT of glitter in just one coat, and needed a fair bit of dabbing. Which black and white glitter is your favourite?

You can buy Foxy Paws from either Foxy Fingertips (Europe) or Foxy Paws (outside Europe)

This polish was sent to me from Foxy Fingertips for my honest review


  1. Det er en rigtigt fin sammenligning!

  2. A friend of mine in Denmark just got this for me...can't wait to get it and try it!!