Saturday, 10 November 2012

Jersey Shore Collection

This collection was made as a present, and to start with I just wanted to make a couple of polishes, but I got carried away and made five, because I was having so much fun!

Unfortunately, I don't have swatches of these, I swatched them on a nail wheel that has since escaped. If you see it running around, please call your local police so they can get back home safely.

Snooki is the bright pink polish, a bit too colourful and has all the odd shapes and colours in the book - just like Snooki.

The Situation: this is a colour changing polish, it's very dull on it's own, but when you make it socialize it suddenly has a lot more colour. It looks green, but actually changes more between red and gold. Completely unexpected, and never what it appears to be. Remind you of anyone?

Jwoww: Red, dark and vampy. Nuff said.

T-shirt time: that moment where they are ready to go, and they put on their fresh Tshirts at the last minute, so it's pristine when they go out fist-pumping. Why do I know these things??

GTL: The basic guido rule - you gotta keep up with your Gym, Tan and Laundry.

Disclaimer: this is all me totally guessing, cause I would never watch a tacky show like Jersey Shore. Obviously.


  1. I decided to voice my opinion without actually knowing the show! It's a great series of polishes indeed - I love Jwoww the most, it's preeeetty!!

    1. Well, I don't know the show either *cough* so that's fine!

  2. Hvor er de fine! Snooki, The Situation og T-Shirt Time er mine favoritter! :D

    - Mette /

  3. They look really interesting all of them...

  4. *Can't comment, too busy rotfl*
    Love it!