Sunday, 21 October 2012

Disney Villains Swatches

On my recent trip to London, I had the pleasure of hanging around the Disney Store for a small eternity, while my friend bought dolls for her daughters. Oh joy. It did however help a bit that I found this lovely set of polishes. I love the fact that they are based on the Disney Villains, because to be honest, after spending eternity in a Disney Store, I was quite sick of anything cute and pink.

They have a really special faceted bottle shape and contains 0.5 fl.oz/15 ml each:

First up is Cruella De Vil, a beautiful red creme. I am not usually a fan of reds, but I rather liked this one.

Evil Queen is a lovely dark reddish black base, with a lot of red shimmer, that is very hard to caputure on camera. But trust me - it's there and it is pretty!

Maleficent is probably my favourite of the lot, it's a gorgeous green shimmer, with a blueish duochrome shine. The pictures came out looking teal, but in reality it is very green.

Mother Gothel is a dark, burgundy jelly. It's pretty, but it does bad things to my cuticles - and I still don't really like red.

Queen of Hearts is a gold shimmer. It's quite pretty - it leans more orange than the picture shows, and it is quite shimmery.

The last polish in this bunch is something very unusual - it's a pale pink that I actually kind of like! Now, that is a first - I really don't like pink, unless it's neon. Meet my unlikely new friend Ursula:

 All these applied well, and covered in two coats. I bought these as a set in the Disney Store on Oxford Street in London.


  1. What, you don't like everything pink? O.o I can't deal with that! :p

    1. I'm sorry, I understand how that may offend you - but maybe my lack of love for pink may someday benefit you - you just never know ;)

      anyway, you should be happy to know that there is at least one pink that I like :D