Saturday, 13 October 2012

Challenge time!

I have joined a challenge with a group of lovely girls, and this will be my first ever challenge! I have seen interesting challenges before, but a lot of them involves a lot of time commitment, and I am determined to keep this blog something I do for fun and not another stress factor in my life. This challenge suited me, as there is a lot of time to do each challenge.

Today is october 13th, also known to any How I Met Your Mother fans as international suit up day!

Now, bear with me - nail art is not my speciality, but it is fun to do! I decided to do a mani with the tie Barney has to wear when he loses a bet with Marshall, in an attempt to get to touch Lilys boobs. Tsk tsk tsk Barney! 

The Ducky Tie:

The oddly shaped yellow blob with an eye is in fact a duck, if you were wondering.
The polishes I used are: OPI What's With The Cattitude, OPI Roadhouse Blues, Wet N Wild Black Creme and Essence Happy
Go check out the lovely manicures from the other ladies in this challenge:

The challenge was created by the lovely Sonja from Sunday Manicures

Also participating is: Charlotte from Passion4Polish
Shiny Rainbow from Rainbowify Me
Anne Mette  from AMNegle


  1. Well, as expected - I just love this :D

  2. Godt gået... og fantastisk valg - det ville da have været for kedeligt hvis du bare havde taget et af hans normale habitter ;)

  3. Godt lavet! Er rimelig flov over at jeg, som ret er stor himym fan, ikke viste at det var International Suit uo day..

    - Mette /

  4. Hahaha hvor er anden sød! :)

  5. Jeg er også helt vild med anden! :D

  6. I love that duck! It's a very nice interpretation, well done :D