Monday, 24 September 2012

Russian Navy Suede

It's my birthday! Well, it's not really but it sure feels like it! I got the first present from one of the lovely girls in my birthday group today, and I got a lil' bit over excited. My birthday is on october 6th, and my birthday month hasn't even started yet, so I was completely unprepared for it so I may or may not have squealed slightly more than necessary (apologies to the kind ladies at the postoffice)

This is what I received today:

Nfu.Oh 51, OPI top coat, OPI Russian Navy Matte, Zoya Twila and wonderful chocolate <3

There was more chocolate, but it ehm... disappeared *cough* I have a thing for chocolate with peanut butter, and it's impossible to get here. Really, chocolate importers - get it fixed!

Anyway, I rushed to change my mani, and had to try the beautiful Russian Navy Suede (long time lemming) straight away:

Royal Navy Suede - with and without top coat.
This is such a wonderful polish. Without top coat it is velvety and textured. With top coat, the colour shines vibrantly deep blue. This is definitely going to be a favourite of mine.

I was tempted to try the Nfu.oh on top, as I expect it will look quite gorgeous, but I also think I owe it to this gorgeous blue to show it to someone before I cover it up - so maybe tomorrow!

October is going to be a good month, I just know it!


  1. You are one lucky girl - to have a polish fairy sending you goodies like this :)

    1. I know! it's pretty damn great :)

  2. Oh wow, LOVE! Awesome nail mail and beautiful manicure! Oh, and hi, new follower here! I saw the Goomba in your pic and had to check out this blog!

    1. Welcome! I truly believe that everything is better with a Goomba :D