Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Fnug holographic polishes

I recently got my grubby hands on the lovely new holographic polishes fro the danish brand Fnug, and they are indeed lovely.

I felt the urge to try a lot of holos together, and noticed that the Fnug seemed similar to the Nfu.Oh holos, both in effect and application. You can see the silver Fnug and Nfu.oh silver holos in the bottom right corner:

So I did a little comparison with the green and silver Fnug and Nfu.oh

Nfu.Oh 61, Fnug Psychedelic, Fnug Fantastica and Nfu.Oh 66

Nfu.Oh 61 is on the pinky, Fnug Psychedelic on the ring finger, Fnug Fantastica on the middle finger and Nfu.Oh on the pointer finger.


Outside in the shade:

With Flash:

In the sun:

They are all gorgeous, and I think they are pretty similar. I think the Fnug may be slightly more holographic, but I'm not sure I could pick them out of a lineup. 

The Nfu.Oh holos are cheaper, and you get 17ml of polish - that is twice as much as the Fnug 8.5ml. I know most sites claims they are 10 ml, but they say 8.5ml on the bottle, which I find to be really misleading. Nevertheless, they are beautiful and definitely worth owning.


  1. Good comparison, jeg må vist til at købe NfuOh holos da jeg ikke har råd til FNUG!

  2. So awesome! FNUG holos are crazy in the sun! They do some to be more holographic from what I've seen, but I'd like to test this out in person.

  3. They really are gorgeous - the only problem with them is really the lack of sun at this time of year :)