Friday, 7 September 2012

Duochrome comparison

I gushed about one of the new Ninja Polishes recently, namely the lovely Alexandrite. Someone asked me how it compared to the Hits Phenomena that I also recently showed, so here they are together.

I chose four polishes that all shift from green to purple:

From left to right: Essence Choose Me, Hits Mari Moon Cutie Pie, Ninja Polish Alexandrite, Hits Phenomena Moonbow. All polishes are layered over black to show as much detail as possible.

The Essence polish is a bit different in tone, but the other 3 seems very similar in colour. The main difference is the coarseness of the colour changing glitter, where Cutie Pie is smooth and and Moonbow is quite coarse. Alexandrite has somewhat finer glitter, that gives it a smoother look than Moonbow. I think they're all beautiful polishes with different looks.