Saturday, 29 September 2012

...and we have a winner!

The giveaway is over, and I have drawn a winner. Congratulations Anneleen V, I really hope you'll like your prize.

Thank you all for entering, I love giving away my creations, and this certainly won't be the last time I do that :)

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Last chance to enter my giveaway!

My giveaway ends tomorrow, so today is your last chance to enter to win these 4 one of a kind homemade polishes!

From left to right:
Finding Nemo, Rain on my Parade, Purple Rain og Thunderstruck!

You can read more about the polishes and see swatches here: Just call me dr. FrankenStinna

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open internationally, and the winner will be contacted by email after the drawing.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Russian Navy Suede

It's my birthday! Well, it's not really but it sure feels like it! I got the first present from one of the lovely girls in my birthday group today, and I got a lil' bit over excited. My birthday is on october 6th, and my birthday month hasn't even started yet, so I was completely unprepared for it so I may or may not have squealed slightly more than necessary (apologies to the kind ladies at the postoffice)

This is what I received today:

Nfu.Oh 51, OPI top coat, OPI Russian Navy Matte, Zoya Twila and wonderful chocolate <3

There was more chocolate, but it ehm... disappeared *cough* I have a thing for chocolate with peanut butter, and it's impossible to get here. Really, chocolate importers - get it fixed!

Anyway, I rushed to change my mani, and had to try the beautiful Russian Navy Suede (long time lemming) straight away:

Royal Navy Suede - with and without top coat.
This is such a wonderful polish. Without top coat it is velvety and textured. With top coat, the colour shines vibrantly deep blue. This is definitely going to be a favourite of mine.

I was tempted to try the Nfu.oh on top, as I expect it will look quite gorgeous, but I also think I owe it to this gorgeous blue to show it to someone before I cover it up - so maybe tomorrow!

October is going to be a good month, I just know it!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Blog opening giveaway!

After a while of existing as something that was definitely not a blog, this page now has a both a name and official status as a blog. It is indeed a big day for the Nailant!

A few people has asked me about some of the franken polishes I tinker with on occasions, and while I really don't want to sell them, I would love to give a few of them away.

The polishes you can win are these:

Finding Nemo, Rain on my Parade, Purple Rain, Thunderstruck!

You can read more about them here: Just call me Dr. FrankenStinna

So without further ado...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

These polishes are made with love, and I want them to be loved, so please only enter if you actually like them <3

This giveaway is open internationally. It will end on saturday the 29th of september, and I will then contact the winner by e-mail.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Wait... is this a blog?

It's time to accept some hard truths - I may not want to admit it, but I think this is actually a blog, dammit!

Look out for a new name in the near future! And maybe even a blog opening giveaway!

anyway, I'm off to enjoy the last moments of me not having a blog, I shall celebrate it with sushi and dotty nails. Laters!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dollish Polish Princess Blue Balls

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I am a rather huge Dollish Polish fan. Today is the first release of her This Is Halloween Collection, and as we speak (err... as we have a write/read-type-interaction) I have just ordered my fave 3 from the collection. Yes, I had to limit myself greatly to only get 3, but then I got the mystery shade too - a lovely blue glitter called Rolling on the River. 

As I don't actually have these lovely new polishes yet, I had to look in my Dollish Polish collection for inspiration - and what happened was this:

Princess Blue Balls

I started out (yesterday actually, this gorgeous blue deserves a days worth of show off, before it gets overpowered by glitter) with this blue polish from the Dollish Polish: Dolly Does Polish collection, called A Bad Case Of Blue Balls. It's a beautiful summery bright blue, with a lovely shimmer.

I bought the entirely Mario collection when it was released - Dollish Polish and Mario are two of my favourite things, so how could I not! The only polish in the collection I wasn't sure about, was A Peachy Princess. It's a pink glitter, and while pretty - I just don't do pink. I got it anyway as it was part of the collection, thinking it wouldn't be used much - it would get to sit in a castle somewhere, completely useless but at least looking good - much like Princess Peach herself. 

So this is my debut with pink glitter, I still don't know what possessed me to get it out, but I actually really like the result!

And as I am incapable of leaving well enough alone, I added some Essie Matte About You for good measure

I like this mani a lot more than I expected, it's bright and colourful - ready to get down on friday tomorrow!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Fnug holographic polishes

I recently got my grubby hands on the lovely new holographic polishes fro the danish brand Fnug, and they are indeed lovely.

I felt the urge to try a lot of holos together, and noticed that the Fnug seemed similar to the Nfu.Oh holos, both in effect and application. You can see the silver Fnug and Nfu.oh silver holos in the bottom right corner:

So I did a little comparison with the green and silver Fnug and Nfu.oh

Nfu.Oh 61, Fnug Psychedelic, Fnug Fantastica and Nfu.Oh 66

Nfu.Oh 61 is on the pinky, Fnug Psychedelic on the ring finger, Fnug Fantastica on the middle finger and Nfu.Oh on the pointer finger.


Outside in the shade:

With Flash:

In the sun:

They are all gorgeous, and I think they are pretty similar. I think the Fnug may be slightly more holographic, but I'm not sure I could pick them out of a lineup. 

The Nfu.Oh holos are cheaper, and you get 17ml of polish - that is twice as much as the Fnug 8.5ml. I know most sites claims they are 10 ml, but they say 8.5ml on the bottle, which I find to be really misleading. Nevertheless, they are beautiful and definitely worth owning.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Duochrome comparison

I gushed about one of the new Ninja Polishes recently, namely the lovely Alexandrite. Someone asked me how it compared to the Hits Phenomena that I also recently showed, so here they are together.

I chose four polishes that all shift from green to purple:

From left to right: Essence Choose Me, Hits Mari Moon Cutie Pie, Ninja Polish Alexandrite, Hits Phenomena Moonbow. All polishes are layered over black to show as much detail as possible.

The Essence polish is a bit different in tone, but the other 3 seems very similar in colour. The main difference is the coarseness of the colour changing glitter, where Cutie Pie is smooth and and Moonbow is quite coarse. Alexandrite has somewhat finer glitter, that gives it a smoother look than Moonbow. I think they're all beautiful polishes with different looks.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Weekend haul!

I'm terribly behind with a few blog posts I have planned - one is a ninja/hits comparison that I promised earlier in the week, and I am photographing that today if all goes well!

The reason I have been so busy is that I was away all weekend. I saw some wonderful people and had a great time! I also crossed the border and visited Flensburg and spent the best part of a day shopping for polish there. This is what I bought:

Not all of it is for myself, some is for swaps and some for presents - no, I do not need 5 of Essence's Peel off base coat!

It was a lot of fun buying polishes in actual shops, those of us who live in the land of $21 OPI usually do most of our polish shopping online. I am constantly surprised at the great quality of brands like Essence, Catrice and P2 compared to their cheap price. I can't wait to get to try all of these bad boys!

Here's a link to a guide to Flensburg polish shopping I wrote earlier - you know, before I didn't have a blog:

Flensburg polish shopping

It also has a picture of an even crazier polish haul from my last trip there. Oh dear.

It's in danish, but if for some reason you're english speaking and going to Flensburg, run it through google translate to make it completely meaningless.