Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Toad-ally Awesome!

From my recently received Dollish Polish Mario Collection, I really couldn't wait to try layering this beautiful polish.

Toad-ally Awesome is a glitter top coat. It has mostly white glitters in small squares and hexes and larger hexagonal glitters. It also has small gold squares, small blue flecks, large blue squares and red hexes.

I have layered it over GOSH Lavender Love, which is a beautiful lilac colour and the easiest application I have seen in a while. This is just Lavender Love, one coat and no cleanup done:

The picture was taken last night, with the last bit of daylight, and does not show the true colour. The pictures with Toad-ally Awesome are much more true to colour.

These pictures are two coats of Toad over one coat of Lavender Love finished with two coats of Seche Vite. It had to be dabbed a bit to spread evenly, but application was generally good. This was also the mani that really caught my new(ish) co-workers attention, and after a guessing contest around the lunch table, they forced me to tell them just how many polishes I have AND made me promise to do all their manis for the christmas party dammit!

I can't wait to do full manis with the rest of the Mario collection, I am winking at Dino-mite Yoshi as we speak!

You can find Dollish Polish on Facebook: Dollface22772
And her shop on Big Cartel: Dollish Polish

Dolly announces her sales ahead of time on her shop page and facebook page. Her polishes can also be found on Llarowe and Overall Beauty


  1. Jahh, den er rigtigt flot!! Og den blå farve er helt perfekt som underlag til den!! :)

    1. Ja! men jeg kunne også godt tænke mig at prøve den med noget vildere, en limegrøn eller noget :)

  2. IF you had a blog, I would say that this post + Lavender love is amazing and Toad-ally Awesome ;)

    1. IF I had a blog, and you said that, I would say thank you :)

      ...but alas, I say nothing :x

    2. Of course - otherwise you would be talking to yourself ;)

    3. And I would never do that!

      (oh hush you silly cow, you do that all the time)


      (oh you do to, don't be so silly)

      (well maybe, but could we do this another time? we have company!)


  3. Orv, det er lækkert! Fed kombi :o)