Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ninja Polish Alexandrite

I really have been all about the colour changing polishes lately, and this one is no different. 

This is from Ninja Polish, who have recently started making their own line of polishes, with different colour shifting polishes. This one has small glitters that change in colour with the light.

I layered it over black, to get the full colour spectrum to show clearly.

It changes in colour from a deep green, to blue, purple and hints of red. I caught myself staring randomly at my nails so many times through the day. Either this is an amazing polish or I'm going ever so slightly mad. Probably both.

Oh yeah - I made a gif!

I can't wait to try the other two Ninja Polishes I have waiting for me, Zultanite and Color Changing Garnet. You should all go buy them right away (or at least sign up to get an email when they're in stock)

You can follow Ninja Polish on Facebook here: Ninja Polish
You can buy these beautiful polishes on Ninja Polish here: Ninja Polish


  1. Jeg kan godt forstå, at du sidder og stirrer på dine negle, for den er godt nok flot! :D

  2. Wow... Just wow...
    (and sigh -a lot)...

  3. Lovely! I was thinking about getting it, but first wanted to know is it a dupe of MariMoon, just saw you swatched them after each other... Can you tell what is the diffrence?

    1. I think they're quite different, the Mari Moon Moonbow has similar colouring, but the glitter is much coarser. Alexandrite has much finer duochrome glitter, and it gives a smoother finish. The Ninja Polish is definitely a must-have, it is so beautiful. If you want, I can swatch them side by side so you can see the difference?

    2. That would be great to see! Thanks ahead!