Friday, 10 August 2012

My friend Yoshi

Another Dollish Polish! I apologise for the monotony but I just can't stay away from these. Dino-mite Yoshi was a n early favourite back when I first saw bottle shots of the Mario collection, and I have to say that it lives up to all my expectations. It's a beautiful and unique glitter top coat, unlike anything else in my collection. It has small round glitter in green and white and red squares, but what makes this polish is the larger hexagonal glitters in pastel green. I think they are beautiful and unique, and they look almost transparent.

This polish is packed with glitter, and has to be applied with a little caution to get it to spread evenly.

I wore it over Sinful Colors Innocent, a beautiful green that goes well with this polish, albeit a tiny bit christmassy. Next time I want to pair it with something that makes the beautiful pastel green glitters pop a bit more, though.

Yoshi approves, and says he wishes he had nails!

You can find Dollish Polish on Facebook: Dollface22772
And her shop on Big Cartel: Dollish Polish

Dolly announces her sales ahead of time on her shop page and facebook page. Her polishes can also be found on Llarowe and Overall Beauty


  1. Yoshi approved - well, that is the best recommendation a polish can get - and it's darn pretty over Innocent!

    1. It really is, and if you look at that sweet, innocent look on Yoshis face - it all just fits together nicely :D

  2. Uhh er vild med de nye "lokaler" :) Og Yoshi er cute! :)


    1. Tark! Jeg var lige igennem 27 forskellige opsætninger og farver, men nu bliver vi her lidt, mig og Yoshi :)