Friday, 3 August 2012


Imagine a terrible world tragedy happened and there was an acute shortness on flakies, and owning more than one bottle of flakies was explicitly forbidden *GASP* I know, it hurts to even think about these tough life dilemmas!

But my personal choice in the matter was made so much easier after I received THIS amazing lot of polishes from a sweet lady in Brazil. After swooning over all the beautiful holos and duochromes, this bottle caught my eye:

Big Universo: Espectral

Oh I do love flakies! And this one just shines in the colours of the rainbow - I see blue, yellow, orange, purple, green... so colourful and pretty. Apparently it is known as Brazils answer to Cult Nails: Unicorn Puke, but unfortunately I don't have i to compare. What I can say, is that this thing on my nails looks EXACTLY like what I'd expect a unicorn with a stomach bug to come up with.

Of course I had to try it matted too:

It's flakie matteness!!


  1. Replies
    1. Man kan sige at mine negle er blevet Rainbowified :D

  2. Den er sindsygt flot!!!
    Jeg er helt vild med den mat også....

  3. Forelsket ! Hold op hvor er det pænt! :D

  4. Årh, hvor fantastisk!!
    Jeg er også forelsket :o)