Monday, 30 July 2012

Matte pastel lime franken

I made a new franken, and I've named it Sex&Candy in reference to the Marcy Playground song that has the phrase 'Disco lemonade', which really fits this polish.

I am quite happy with it, it is unlike anything else I have in my stash. The picture makes it look yellow, but it really is more of a lime colour.

Here it is on my nails:

It's a matte pastel lime, with purple, blue and pink glitter.

For this franken I used these polishes:

I started with about a quarter of a bottle of GOSH matte top coat. As this was the bottle I made the franken in, it was unavailable for a photograph with the other polishes in this franken.
I also used:
Wet 'n' Wild: French White Creme
Sally Hansen: Green With Envy
Flying A: unnamed gold glitter
HOT! Glitter Glam
Nubar: Sky Sparkle
Wet 'n' Wild: Sparked.

What do you think of the result?


  1. Its amazing!! And loove the reference to the song ;)

  2. I think it is absolutely fantastic!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE this one, pastel yellow, subtle glitter - what more could a girl ask for LOL
    PS love your inexsisting blog, it's very cool.
    If it had been a blog, not a figment of my imagination, I would have asked if you please could add the Google Friend connect, so that I could follow you - but youcan't really follow a non-excisting blog, can you - or CAN you - I'll try LOL

  4. Thank you so much <3

    I'd add GFC, but the Doktor says it doesn't work properly these days :/
    I'll give it a shot though!

  5. GFC works fine for me, so thank you so much for adding it to your non-existing blog :)