Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dollish Polish

Dollish Polish is one of my favourite indie polish makers. She has the most beautiful polishes, and her names are always fun references to films and games. Her sales are always a rush to get anything as they sell out very fast!

As we speak (err.. type and read) I am waiting (im)patiently on her collection of Super Mario polishes that I managed to get my hands on in her most recent sale.

From an earlier sale I got Urban Camo. The name is a reference to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and while it's not one of my favourite games it always warms my nerdy gamer heart to have polishes named from games.

The polish is a glitter in clear polish, with green, gold, yellow, white and black glitter. Here it is on top of Nubar Stronghold:

Probably one of the most popular and sought after polishes from Dollosh Polish is Expecto Patronum, named after the Patronus spell from Harry Potter. I was lucky enough to be able to buy it from her a while back, and it is really quite gorgeous in it's simplicity. It's a white base with sprinkles of teal glitter.

I have plenty more of Dolly's polishes in my drawer, so look out for more swatches here soon!

You can find Dollish Polish on Facebook: Dollface22772
And her shop on Big Cartel: Dollish Polish

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